Things To Do

Based in the Bazaruto Archipelago with a marine sanctuary on one side and a wildlife conservation area on the other, the Dugong Beach Lodge offers a wide variety of activities for the intrepid explorer or active sportsperson.

Game Fishing

With warm waters and calm bay conditions, the Bazaruto Archipelago attracts many of the world’s most popular gamefish including black, blue and striped marlin, sailfish, wahoo, dorado, yellowfin tuna, king mackerel, kingfish, barracuda, prodigal son, rockcod, snapper and a vast array of other gamefish.

The resort has a number of fishing craft and experienced skippers with local knowledge to take you to the fishing grounds in safety and comfort. Our chef will gladly prepare your catch for dinner as an extra treat. Just don’t tell the other guests . . .

Scuba Diving

The protected reefs and beaches in the Bazaruto Archipelago offer some of the best diving sites in East Africa.

Visibility is often as far as 30 metres especially in the winter months. Marine life is abundant and you’ll encounter a range of Rays, gamefish, giant lobster, several species of marine turtle, reef sharks, Zambezi Sharks and even Whale Sharks. It is also one of the few places left in the world to see the endangered Dugongs. Humpback Whales can also be seen in season

Horse Riding

There’s a certain dreamlike romance to riding a horse on a beach and there is no place better than the remote, unspoilt beaches around the resort.

The sandy surface is relatively flat and the terrain free of obstacles (except for ghost crabs and blue bottles) and so it is suitable for experienced riders and novices alike.

Bird Watching

If you are looking for a Mozambican birding adventure, the wildlife conservation area on the San Sebastian peninsula is the place! It is largely unexplored in ornithological terms and offers a diverse range of bird life including migratory flamingos which congregate in huge numbers when algae blooms occur in the estuary.

The  Peninsula, where the resort is located, is fortunate in having an array of wetland and indigenous bush. The diversity of these in such a small area is significant and, as such, migratory species have evolved in using it as a flyway to exploit this rich resource.


The Bazaruto Archipelgo has probably some of the best snorkeling reefs on the African east coast. Two Mile Reef is world-renowned for the abundant sea life and coral, but there are numerous other reefs and snorkeling spots which you can explore.

Some of the best snorkeling, however, is right in front of the lodge around the jetty during incoming tide or even better, at high tide. Bring your own gear or use ours – we have a wide range of snorkeling equipment at you disposal so you experience Dugong’s “fish tank” right in front of the hotel.


The resort has a number of kayaks available which guests are welcome to use.

Chase after after the dolphins that often swim past the resort or head south to drift between the mangroves and enjoy the silence. For the more active, a long paddle north along the coast to Pelican Bay can be an enjoyable experience.

Wait until sunset when the dolphins come into the estuary to feed and paddle amongst them for an exhilarating experience.