Fishing in the Bazaruto Archipelago

With the azure waters and endless white sand beaches of Bazaruto untouched for so long, it remains a paradise unlike any other. The pristine seas are full of exotic fish – from colourful reef dwellers and sizeable game fish. It is there to be experienced: it is a feeling, a sanctuary of unsurpassed natural beauty that offers one adventure after another.

The warm currents attract many of the world’s most popular gamefish including black, blue and striped marlin, sailfish, wahoo, dorado, yellowfin tuna, king mackerel, kingfish, barracuda, prodigal son, rockcod, snapper and a vast array of other gamefish.

Game Fishing

The Dugong Beach Lodge has two game fishing boats equipped with top of the range sea fishing equipment and rods.

Our experienced skippers will gladly take you out of the Estuary and into the warm currents and reefs that hug the shore along the coastline where you are likely to catch king and queen mackerel, whaoo and dorado in the summer months and sailfish, garrick, kob and geelbek during the winter. Yellowfin tuna and kingfish are available throughout the year.

Bazaruto is famous for its giant black marlin. Most of these fish are targeted with live or skip baits in relatively shallow waters close to the reefs (60 to 350 feet). Although black marlin represent the majority of the catches, blue and striped marlin are also present in these waters and the few boats which have recently explored deeper waters with fast trolled lures have had very encouraging results.

Marlin season runs from mid September to mid April, with October to December being peak season.

Estuary Fishing

The estuary offers fine light tackle lure fishing, either from the side of the boat or from a drifting boat around the reef area. On a pushing tide the reef in the estuary attracts large shoals of baitfish which are in turn hunted by big king mackerel which enter the estuary in search of these shoals.

Lures trolled in the estuary, especially the deeper channels towards the mouth area can also produce good game fish on the pushing tide. Species such as snapper, rock cod, Grunter and kingfish can be caught on small lures.

Beach Fishing

The Linene area is best known for its consistently good catches of large game fish and huge sharks from the beach. This is due to the close proximity of deep water to the surf line, and the strong currents coming in and out of the multiple estuary mouths. These currents carry a great deal of food and create favourable conditions for game fish within easy casting distance from the tidal line.

Please note: Fishing is only allowed outside of the marine sanctuary. Our skippers will gladly take you to areas where fishing is allowed, but fishing is not allowed in front of the hotel or from anywhere on the San Sebastian Peninsula.


Reef Fishing

The Lighthouse Reef is a good low tide fishing spot. Plugs and spoons and stickbaits can be thrown at low tide, as well as over patches of reef to the South.

This area is home to many big king fish, which will test your skills and tackle to their utmost. The deep channel directly in front of the reef is also a great spot for light tackle lure fishing or fly-fishing. This channel is roamed by various species of kingfish, spotted pompano, Queenfish and resident Rockcod.